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At Make It Yourself Kitchens, we give you the quality of a superb custom kitchen for the price of DIY.


We are a family-owned Australian company with over 35-years in the cabinetmaking and kitchen industries. We guarantee that your made-to-order cabinetry is of the absolute highest standard and quality.

Unlike other DIY kitchen companies, we do not store any prefabricated units (that often sit on the shelf for years). Instead, every Make It Yourself Kitchens cabinet is individually made—from scratch—to meet your unique needs. Here at Make It Yourself Kitchens, you can order any size cabinet down to the millimeter so that it perfectly fits the size of your space.


Modern Interior Design
Luxurious Kitchen

Make It Yourself Kitchens have created an industry leading library of cabinets for you to modify and make your own. These include floor units, drawer units, corner units, oven units, and much more. We use Blum hardware for all cabinetry. All Blum products have well-thought-out function, award-winning design, and a long life.


All of our Kitchens are manufactured with 100% Australian made HMR board.




Cut out the middle-man—and save dollars—by ordering directly with us. 

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